“When you touch the nations, you touch the heart of God”.

Banner – A flag or standard

Flags-200x300The Banner Department consists of several team members caring for and displaying 90 to 100 flags of various nations during our various worship services and events.

We want to show that Jesus is Lord of the nations and that our church has a heart for the nations of the world.

As Apostle Eckhardt and the apostolic teams travel to various nations, we ensure that the flags of those nations are prominently displayed for the congregation to see. This helps rally the congregation to focused prayer for the team and that nation.

Who can be a part?

The Banner Department welcomes anyone who wants to be a part of this department as long as they have completed the New Members class. You will also be asked to complete the Helps Ministry module.

You can join our team by either being assigned by the Helps Class or by contacting: Jacqueline Record, Department Head or Barbara Crawford, Assistant Department Head.