Crusaders Dance Team

Trees of Righteousness (TOR) Prophetic Arts Ministers

Leaders: Debra Marshall, Co-Director and Angela Spinks, Assistant Director

Our Identity: (The Planting of the LORD): “The branch of My planting. The work of My hands. That I may be glorified.” (Isaiah 60:21)

Our Purpose:
To be anointed by the Lord
To bring good news to the poor
To heal the brokenhearted
Proclaim liberty to the captives
Open the prison to those who are bound
Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord
Proclaim the day of vengeance of our God
To console those who mourn
To give beauty for ashes
To give the oil of joy for mourning
To give the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness

Our Focus: We are lively stones (1 Peter 2:5) coming together as a team to form a temple not built with human hands, that God can inhabit (Rev. 21:3) through our praise and worship to Him. We are answering the call to bring glory to God through the gifts and talents He has given us. We also minister in the dance to assist the singers and musicians in preparing the hearts of God’s people to hear and receive the preached Word. We will use dance to put the devil to flight! Let us make the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of our God and of His Son Jesus Christ!

Our Mission:
To disciple, train, and equip dancers spiritually through biblical teaching and physically through technique to increase their level of skill;
To teach dancers through the Word of God to carry, move, and release His anointing and glory;
To utilize dance as an avenue for missions locally, nationally, and internationally;
To help build and give structure to the growing congregational dance teams;
To further perpetuate worship of the Holy One via promotion of the Christian arts arsenal while making available teaching, materials, and resources including creation and design of the same.

Being a member of TOR is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate your artistic gifting through close fellowship with likeminded ministers while receiving encouragement, teaching and training towards release for corporate worship. There is freestyle dance, interpretive dance, both choreographed and spontaneous movement, dancing with props (flags, tambourines, streamers, banners, scarfs, swords, crowns, scepters, etc.), along with learning how to make banners. As we expand in the arts, we encourage acting skills for short skits as well.

Basic requirements for potential candidates are the fulfillment of Crusaders Church requirements (New Members and Helps classes), be a member in good standing, not a member of any other church auxiliary that would interfere with one’s commitment to the team, have physical stamina and be physically fit (with no health issues). Other requirements would be discussed once these are met.

Candidates accepted for consideration will be placed on a three month probationary period during which time they will receive instructions and periodic assessments to determine the final outcome of team membership.

Each TOR team member bears their own out-of-pocket expense for all dance garments and shoes, along with a personal set of flags. Practices are Saturday mornings for current team members. However, new recruits will meet one evening per week plus the Saturday morning.

Due to the necessary preparation and training, TOR opens its doors twice per year for new recruits during the months of February and September.

If interested, contact Debra Marshall via email at or call the church office and leave your name and number for a callback. SHALOM!!

Wings of the Wind

wings-of-the-wind-209x300Wings of the Wind was established in Crusaders in January 2004 as a training place for our younger members.

The ministry now consists of both youth & adults flowing under the anointing of the prophetic.

Dancers may start training at the age of 10; but, will start ministering at the age of 13 on up.

All dancers are required to take the four month biblical and technical course before being released to dance.

You must also take or have taken the New Members class if you are 19 or older or the PTNG training course if you are of the ages 13-18.

Scripture Base:
Psalms 18:10 And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the Wings of the Wind.
(14) yea, he sent out his arrows, and scattered them; and he shot out lightnings, and discomfited them…
(40)thou as also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me.
Thus as on Eagle’s wings will the Lord come for the defense of his chosen; yea, He will ride upon the Wings of the Wind.

The vision is to raise up a team of prophetic dancers who will worship God in spirit and in truth. A team who will have the spiritual eyes to see, ears to hear and mouths to speak the will of God. A team who will be able to discern in the the spirit the tactics of the enemy and have the foresight to abolish them. A team that will be able to tap into the heart of God and know whether to dance for healing, deliverance, warfare or celebration. A team that will come into the full knowledge and understanding of what being a dancer in the Kingdom of God is all about.

Dancers will be Spiritually trained to do the work of a Dance Minister. They will receive Historical & Biblical foundational education. They will train in the Instruments of Praise, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz dance & more…They will understand the office that they reside in and will set themselves apart. They will go forth with power and authority and know who they are in Christ. As they are taught, so shall they teach. Raising up generation after generations to come.

Rehearsals are every Saturday at 3821 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL.  We minister in-house Sundays & Tuesdays and outside engagements as well.

For more details or question contact Ministry leader:  Sheila Grant.  Number: 773.941.5135. Email: