Mission Statement: 1 Timothy 3; Acts 6

Deacons serve the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church. This includes doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, and being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation.

Deacons assist by freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, promoting unity within the church, and facilitating the spread of the gospel.

Currently the Deacons ministry involves serving the local church in the following ways:

  • Communion Service
  • Water Baptism
  • Foot Washing
  • Visitation
  • Ministry to Crusaders Members (hospital, home, shut-in, members living in shelters, nursing home, prison)
  • Funeral and Bereavement
  • Helps to other Departments
  • Scripture and Share Care Referrals

The Deacons also train and develop Deacon Candidates in the ministry of a Deacon in
a class and hands on atmosphere. Serving as one of the offices ordained by God in the
church Deacons are often the eyes, ears and heart of the church.


Department Head: Elder Marlinda Rhodes

Deacon Captains:
Team 1: Deaconess Darlene Smith

Team 2: Deacon Michael Randolph

Team 3: Deaconess Sandra Gardner

Team 4: Deacon Tommy Lawson, Deaconess Carlotta Marsh

Training: Deaconess Darlene Smith