Crusaders Church Evangelism Department

What We Do

The Crusaders Church Evangelism Department is an auxillary of the church established for the purpose of equipping the Body of Christ for the work of evangelism, mobilizing the church through organized outreach efforts, and encouraging individual commitment to lifestyle evangelism. Training is accomplished through evangelism courses, workshops, hands-on training and retreats or conferences. Department members receive on going training as they participate in various types of outreach functions and receive training during department meetings. Department members contribute to fulfilling the short and long term goals of the department through both participation in outreach ministry and yielding their gifts and talents to meeting various departmental needs. The Evangelism Department places a great emphasis on continued commitment to the gospel, discipleship, strategic prayer and spirit led evangelism.

Why Join?

All believers are called to be a witness for Jesus and share the good news of the gospel as a part of the Christian lifestyle. Although individual evangelism is encouraged, the Evangelism Department is looking for individuals who also desire to regularly participate in group outreach events organized through the department. Those that join the department should expect to receive impartation, be further encouraged in the work of evangelism, be stirred with renewed passion as they join with other like-minded believers that have a heart for souls and a desire to see transformed lives. Although most members are directly involved in outreach efforts, the Evangelism Department is also looking for individuals who are skilled in administration, planning, research, graphic design and media.

Member Requirements

Crusaders members who desire to be a part of the Evangelism Department must have completed the Foundations I and II/New Members classes and be of sound Christian character. Although New Members Class completion is the minimum requirement, the Helps Ministry and Altar Workers classes should be completed while also serving as a department member. Although not required, members are strongly encouraged to complete the Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG) Course following completion of the Helps Ministry and Altar Workers classes. All members of Crusaders Church are expected to receive training in the areas of helps ministry, deliverance, prophetic ministry and evangelism. Department members are expected to have regular participation in monthly meetings, scheduled conference calls, and outreach events.


The Evangelism Department participates in outreach collaborations with other churches and welcomes non-Crusaders members to participate in outreach meetings and events. Non-members may be asked to fill out a non-member participation form and may also be required to provide a reference or release from the leadership of their local church for participation.

How Do I Join?

Those that are interested in joining the Evangelism Department may email us You may also call the department voicemail at (866) 857-9880. The contact persons to join are Evangelist Darlene Cothron (Department Head), Evangelist Davina Wilson (Asst. Department Head) or Prophet Marvin Perry (Team Leader).