Prophetic Teams


The Prophetic Company is the Team Ministry portion of Crusaders’ Prophetic Ministries and the vision that God has given our Apostle; to teach, train, activate, and mature the saints to do the work of the ministry by equipping them to become an effective, life-changing, world-changing Apostolic and Prophetic army in the Kingdom of God, so that a people and a way are prepared for the coming of the Lord.

Our mission and aims are:
To be well-trained and well-equipped
To develop, train and equip others to live a Godly & Prophetic Lifestyle
To develop teams (for prophesying, praise & worship, healing, prophetic counseling, teaching & deliverance) that minister God’s grace by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
To send properly prepared Ministry Teams to minister locally, nationally & internationally


Currently, the Prophetic Company at Crusaders Church is organized into five groups of four teams each. The leadership structure is made up of two directors, one administrator, six group leaders, 20 team leaders and 20 assistant team leaders. Each team has at least five but no more than seven members. Psalmists and Minstrels are assigned throughout the “Company”. Prophetic Scribes are also assigned to keep record of corporate prophecies. Prophets and other ministry gifts that have a prophetic edge lend support to the structure of the prophetic company.

Membership Requirements

Completion of the Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG) course is the prerequisite for joining the Prophetic Company. Before registering to take MSG at Crusaders Church, members are also asked to complete the new members’ class. Non-members are asked to provide a letter from their pastor acknowledging their desire to enroll in Crusaders’ MSG training.

A new member who is enrolled in the new members’ class may take MSG after providing a letter of approval from their New Members class instructor. After successful completion of the MSG course a commitment/information application should be filled out and turned into the MSG coordinator or the administrator.

We will contact the pastor of applicants who are not members of Crusaders Church. An assignment letter reviewing membership expectations will be sent to all new Prophetic Company members. The initial commitment to the Prophetic Company is for one year.

That commitment will automatically continue after the first year unless the director or member breaks it in writing. Members may apply for group transfer after the initial year of membership is complete. Prior to that transfers can only be obtained upon the approval of the director. In activity in Company functions may result in membership status being changed from “active” to “on hold” .